Our topic this term

  Our topic this term is ‘Bears’. We are learning about Bears and the different habitats in which they live. We will also be learning about other animals that share these habitats with bears. When we visit Battersea Park Zoo, hopefully we will see lots of different types of animals and discuss the habitats in which they live.   .      

Class notices and events

Family notices Battersea Park Zoo: TBC Family Learning: Tuesday 15th October: 8.35 Class meeting: Tuesday 24th October: 15.20

Class poem

Talk for Writing During Talk for Writing lessons, we will learn the story “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”. We will learn how to retell the story using a confident voice and actions. We will begin to write words about the story onto paper. The children will also order pictures in the story. We will be learning how to write our name in this first term.   Maths We will be learning all about numbers 1-10: how to order, write and count objects up to 10. We will also learn about 2D shapes and begin to discuss their properties, such as how many sides and corners each shape has. We will begin to learn number bonds to 10 so that we can pass our Big Ten test.   Phonics During Sound Time, we will learn the basic sounds needed to make CVC words (three letter words). We will build on our knowledge of ‘s’, ‘a’, ‘m’, ‘i’ and ‘t’ and learn 10 more sounds. This will help the children to know how to segment and blend short words with 3 sounds in order to read and write them.