Unqualified Class Teacher 2015-2016

 Unqualified Teacher


  • Be able to teach a wide range of artistic skills.
  • To be able to conduct whole class or group art lessons
  • A commitment to safeguarding children
  • A comfortable disposition for working in a Christian school and supporting the ethos
  • Unswerving drive to achieve the highest possible standards for every learner
  • Evidence of the ability to deliver lessons at a consistently good to outstanding level as judged by pupil outcomes
  • Evidence of excellent skills in planning, assessment and record keeping
  • Secure command of grammar and spelling and use of standard English whilst carrying out all professional duties in teaching and training
  • Ability to write neatly, using Nelson Font, and to model this at all times (training provided)
  • Ability to teach phonics at a very high level of capability (training provided)
  • Commitment to maintaining an effective and consistent home learning programme
  • Proven ability to manage additional adults so that they add optimum value throughout every lesson
  • Evidence of very effective and affirmative pupil management
  • Ability to use new technologies for teaching and administration
  • Outstanding organisational and communication skills
  • A proven desire to continually learn and improve
  • Confidence and drive to support teachers in this and other schools
  • Boundless enthusiasm and an appetite for challenging work