These games do not need any resources to be played and are a fun way of practising key maths skills. They can be easily adapted to practise other skills too – speak to your child’s teacher to find out how you could adapt these games to play with your child at home.

Bang Bang

This game can be played with any number facts including number bonds, times tables, division facts, square numbers, square roots… Two players challenge each other with the third player asking the questions. The quickest player to say the correct answer followed by “bang bang” gets the point. The person with the most points wins.

Bang Bang bonds 11 from St George on Vimeo.

Bang Bang bonds 12 from St George on Vimeo.

Fizz Buzz

This game can be played with multiples of any number. This video shows the game with multiples of 3 and 4. Sit in a circle and count up from one. Say “fizz” for all multiples of 3, “buzz” for all multiples of 4 and “fizz buzz” for numbers which are multiples of both3 and 4. e.g. 1, 2, fizz, buzz, 5, fizz, 7, buzz, fizz, 10, 11, fizz buzz…

Fizz Buzz from St George on Vimeo.