These games just need a pencil and some paper to be played and can be easily adapted to practise other maths skills.


This game can be played to practice any fluency skill such as time, multiples, factors, measures conversions, shape names, square numbers, square roots etc. These videos show children paying bingo to practise 2D shape names and square numbers.

Square Number Bingo from St George on Vimeo.

Shape Bingo from St George on Vimeo.

Mixed Up Multiples

This game can be played with multiples of any number. Write out all the multiples in a mixed-up fashion on a piece of paper. Write the factors on to post-it notes (1x, 2x, 3x… up to 12x). The aim is to cover the multiple with the correct factor in the quickest time possible. This game can be played against another player or by yourself simply trying to beat your own best time.

Mixed Up Multiples from St George on Vimeo.

Mathematics Mastery have produced a booklet of 21 number games to play with your child. All of these games are suitable for KS1 but can easily be adapted for KS2.