The Vicar of St. George’s Church


Leighton Carr is the Vicar for the parish of Battersea Fields. He was appointed in August 2016.

Jeremiah Wiles and Sharon Hunt are the church wardens at St. George’s.

Church address

St. George’s Church – 11 Patmore Street, London SW8 4JD

Tel: 020 7498 1642


“St. George’s is one big family, caring and supporting.”

“The music is lively.”

“The Preaching is enjoyable. You will find love and peace and joy of Jesus Christ.”

“It has many cultures and a modern user-friendly building.”

Information about services provided

We run a holiday club and young people’s group. There is a Prayer Team and we enjoy social events such as outings and Harvest Fun Night. We run a Light Party for the children each year and we run a Saturday School.

Church Worship Times

10am Sunday Morning Worship Communion twice a month


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