Including everybody

At St. George’s CE Primary School we promise to provide opportunities for every child to be the best that they can be. We achieve this by giving support wherever it is needed. Our dedicated and highly trained teaching assistants go the extra mile for the children and help them to catch up quickly if they need extra help.

Many children need extra help at some time to reach their potential in school. Early identification and learning support is a strength of our school and we work in partnership with parents at every step to make sure they can play their part at home.

By giving all children the opportunity to show what they know, understand and can do, we identify individuals who are particularly able or have special talents. We achieve this by providing challenge in the classroom and enriching the curriculum with extra activities at lunchtimes and after school. If you think your child has a gift or talent – let us know!

Our teachers are skilled in helping pupils to learn English and they make rapid progress. Children are encouraged to be proud of their home language and to enjoy using it with their family as we believe this is an essential part of their learning and identity.