St. George’s CE Primary School

Teaching Assistant

Job Description 2014-2015

Line Manager: Designated Class Teacher




Actively support the school’s behaviour policy and promote the ‘Calm School Code’ in the classroom and the wider school.


Manage the behaviour of pupils pro-actively and affirmatively to achieve ‘readiness to learn’ throughout each lesson.


Ensure the behaviour of pupils is fully supported during all transition times. This relates to any situation where pupils are moving around and includes:

  • Entering and exiting the classroom
  • Moving between the playground and the classroom
  • Moving around the school
  • Moving from one activity to another in the classroom
  • Using the pegboxes


Teach groups of children and individuals as directed by the teacher and under supervision.


Plan, prepare and deliver intervention programmes as directed by the teacher and under supervision.


Assess the progress of the children and feedback findings to the teacher as directed and under supervision.


Mark and annotate the children’s work as directed by the teacher and under supervision.


Attend meetings as required and always on Monday mornings at 8.30am prompt.


Assist in classroom organisation, taking responsibility for tidiness and cleanliness within the classroom environment.


Cover lunch duties both indoors and outside.


Prepare resources as needed.


Take the register as directed by the teacher.


Carry out administrative duties as directed by the teacher.


Create and maintain display boards as directed by the teacher.


Assist with the supervision of children under the direction of a teacher (e.g. on a school trip) ensuring their safety and well-being.


Assist in school organisation as directed by the teacher or senior staff.


Other duties as directed by the Headteacher.



Staff Handbook


The Staff Handbook sets out the requirements of all staff working at St. George’s Primary School. All expectations laid out in the handbook must be adhered to by this post holder.



A paid tea break is offered where possible during the morning. This break must be taken on site. The break is usually fifteen minutes inclusive between leaving, and returning to duty but may be less if the needs of the pupils require this.


A lunch break of 30 minutes is unpaid. Staff can leave the building as long as they sign out and in on the register in the reception area.


Hours outside pupil contact time

Any hours assigned for duties outside pupil contact time must be worked every week. The post holder should liaise with the class teacher to determine specific tasks.