St George's Chuch of England Primary School

Talk for Writing Training

St. George’s is the school with the highest deprivation factor in the borough of Wandsworth. We are keen to share what we’ve learned about working in this context and embedding key teaching and learning programmes with anyone who wants to know more.

St. George’s is a National Support School for and a training centre for Talk4Writing and Sounds-Write.  Other school leaders and teachers come from all over the UK to see our work and learn from us. We ensure that each visit is carefully tailored to meet the needs of other schools so that there is always excellent impact from our input. We have a full menu of services and we can respond to the individual needs of any school or organisation on request.

St. George’s operates a charge for services and this is strictly not for profit. No member of staff benefits personally from monies coming into school and every penny earned is reinvested in the capacity of the school to meet the huge demand for support.