St George's Chuch of England Primary School



School Trips




School trips are a great addition to the curriculum and we want all children to be able to attend these events wherever possible. 

Our first priority is making sure every child is safe when they are out of the building. Sometimes parents will be asked to accompany their child on a trip to ensure their safety. 

If a child's behaviour is unsafe and they would pose a risk to themselves or others out of school, they may not be able to attend a trip. Your child being safe is our FIRST priority and we take that very seriously. Staff must feel confident that they can keep your child safe at all times on a trip. 

Wherever possible, all children will be included in school trips with all reasonable adjustments made for this to happen. Sometimes we will need your help to achieve this and we will ensure you are given plenty of notice if you or another family member will need to accompany your child. 


Sometimes trips need lots of adults and we may ask parents to support us on school trips. Where more parents volunteer than is needed for a trip, we will select parent volunteers based on the following criteria:

  • parents who have DBS checks with school 
  • fairness - sharing this between parents who are willing to volunteer

If you are keen to volunteer on trips, please let the class teacher know at the beginning of the year so they can keep a list of parents who are able to support us. If you know you will be able to volunteer on trips with other classes and are keen to support the school in this way, please speak to Mrs Collymore or Mrs Evans and we can arrange for you to have a DBS check. 

Parents will not be able to volunteer on trips for the following reasons:

  • your child is subject to a child protection
  • you have had any banning orders from school 
  • you would need to bring a younger sibling with you


If you are accompanying your child's class on a trip, you will be expected to attend a briefing before the trip to talk through the risk assessment and the itinerary for the day. You will be expected to adhere to the school's policies and work with the school adults to ensure the safety of the children in your care. 

See the parent volunteering policy for more details.

Volunteering on School Trips



Where possible, we try to secure funding for trips. On occasion, parents may be asked to contribute to the cost of a trip. Where possible, this will be heavily subsidised. If you are unable to do contribute, your child will never be excluded from attending. However, if we cannot cover the cost of a trip, we may have to cancel it completely. We suggest that families try to budget approximately £50 a year for school trips/visitors.