St George's Chuch of England Primary School



Number - counting, ordering, finding ways to make numbers 1-3 using a variety of practical materials i.e. beads-strings, cubes, five frame 

Shapes- names and properties of 2D shapes; triangle, square, oblong, circle

Pattern- continuing a pattern

Talk For Writing: Calm School Code and 'All About Me' and 'My Family'

Phonics: listening carefully and discriminating a variety of sounds and noises

P.E: incorporated within outdoor provision and whole class games 

Art: incorporated within indoor and outdoor provision using a variety of resources 

R.E: learning our school prayers and singing

PSHE: 'All About Me'



Tiny Happy People: develop your child's language skills. Explore simple activities and play ideas.


Free online course: Help your child to read and write
Sounds Write app:
Busy Things: educational games for kids