St George's Chuch of England Primary School


Family Learning


St. George’s is a Church of England school and Christian values are at the heart of all that we do.  At St. George’s we believe that successful partnership between the school and the parents helps every child to achieve success.

The following agreement supports this partnership in the interests of all our pupils.

As a school we will

  •  promote high standards in learning and behaviour
  •  provide a broad, balanced and carefully planned curriculum that meets the needs of your child enabling them to prosper and flourish
  • promote a love of learning within a Christian learning community
  • uphold and abide by all school policies
  • ensure that children are enabled to be the best that they can be in every year group
  • establish a code of behaviour to ensure a safe and caring environment
  • ensure effective communication between home and school
  • monitor the progress of children and provide advice and guidance about their work
  • provide homework in accordance with the school homework policy

As a parent I will

  • promote high standards in learning and behaviour
  • uphold and abide by all school policies
  • support the Christian values of our community and the school's invitation to my child to grow spiritually through experiences of prayer, stillness, worship and reflection.
  • ensure that my child attends school every day on time and in full uniform
  • ensure my child brings the right equipment including book bag and PE kit
  • support my child with homework, ask for help if needed and ensure that it is returned on time
  • read with my child every evening
  • limit my child’s access to computer games and mobile devices
  • support my child’s education by taking them to the library, museums and clubs outside school
  • communicate effectively with the staff team about my child’s learning
  • attend parents' meetings and family learning events
  • support the school's behaviour policy and calm school contract
  • keep the school aware of all current contact details
  • always come to school immediately when called to do so

 As a pupil I will

  • follow the Calm School Code
  • show my top standards in learning and behaviour
  • respond respectfully to opportunities to grow spiritually through invitational experiences of prayer, stillness, worship and reflection
  • always strive to be the best that I can be
  • complete my homework to a high standard and hand it in on time
  • tell my teacher or another adult in school if something is worrying or upsetting me
  • ensure that I make good choices so that everyone has the chance to feel safe, to learn, to be treated with respect and fairness and to feel known, loved and valued


School Parent Pupil contract