St George's Chuch of England Primary School


We have a few places across the school. If you are interested in joining us, contact the school office for more details. 

 Nursery Admissions 

If you would like to apply for a Nursery place for your child, please collect an application form from the school office. St. George’s admits children into the Nursery class the September after their third birthday and the term after their third birthday if there are spaces.


We can offer wrap-around care from 7:45am-3:20pm on site and there is an after school club at St. Mary's RC Primary that can collect the children and care for them until 6:30pm. 

Reception Admissions

Please click the link to see our admissions policy for Reception for September 2024.  

Reception Admissions Policy September 2024 


To complete an application for our Reception class for September 2024, please visit the website of your local council (this is the council that you pay your council tax to). 

Foundation Places/Open Places

At St. George's in Nursery and Reception we have 30 places. 15 of these places are offered to children who attend church (foundation place) and 15 are offered to children based on the distance they live to school (open place). If you are applying for a foundation place, your vicar will need to complete a supplementary information form (SIF). This form needs to be completed to make a foundation application to the Nursery and Reception class. If you receive a foundation place in Nursery, you will still need to complete a SIF if you wish to apply for a foundation place in Reception the following year. 

Please collect a SIF from the school office, ask you vicar to complete it and return it to school before the deadline. 

In-Year Admissions

Please contact the school for more information about any vacancies in other classes.

You must apply for an In-Year admission to Wandsworth Council using the In-Year application form below. The council will refer your application to us and we will notify them if we have a space. 

If you are already in a Wandsworth school, you will need to complete the purple form by clicking the link below. The Headteacher at your current school will need to complete a section of this form before you can send it to the council.

Wandsworth Council In-Year Admissions Form (currently in a Wandsworth school)  

If your child is not currently attending a Wandsworth school, you will need to complete the yellow form by clicking the link below.

Wandsworth Council In-Year Admissions Form (currently not in a Wandsworth school) If you need paper copies of any of these forms, please call in at the school office. 


Important Information

Children who get a place in our Nursery class do not automatically get a place in the Reception Class. Everyone has to make a new application for Reception via the council website of the borough you live in.



Any appeals for Reception 2024 will be heard by Wandsworth LA according to the following timetable:

September 2024 entry
Action Deadline
National Offer Day 16 April 2024
Date by which an appeal must be submitted 16 May 2024 (20 school days)
Dates when appeals will be heard


All appeals received by 15 May 2024 will be heard in the period between 21 June to 19 July 2024


Dates when appellants will be sent notification of their appeal hearing

10 school days in advance of the hearing

Date by which the Clerk sends appeal papers to the parents, the panel and the admission authority

12 June to 5 July 2024

7 working days before the appeal hearing

Deadline for appellants to submit additional evidence 8am, 7 working days before the appeal hearing
Decision letters sent to the appellants Within 5 school days after the appeal hearing (whenever possible)

Appeals lodged after 16 May 2024 will be heard within 40 school days of the appeal deadline or 30 school days of the appeal being received, whichever is the later date.