St George's Chuch of England Primary School

Year 6- Autumn 2



 Writing- Romeo and Juliet and Aladdin and The Enchanted Lamp

Writing Focus- Recounting an event from a character's point of view and developing complex characters

Reading- Booked by Kwame Alexander

RE- Gospel: What would Jesus do?

History- What happened during the Civil Rights Movement?

Science- How can we stay healthy?

History Civil Rights Knowledge Organiser

Science How Can We Stay Healthy?

RE Gospel


Spelling homework every week (please see the video explaining this)

Practise your times tables every day using the TTRS app (click on the logo). Everyone has a login - ask for your password if you have forgotten it.


Read aloud every day to an adult who must sign your reading record.

Upcoming Trips

Pizza Express: 1st November 2023 

School Journey: 5th- 9th February 2024


Your PE day this half term is... Friday

Remember to wear your PE kit for the whole day. 


 Remember to always supervise your child when they are online.


BBC Bitesize Arithmetic 


BBC Bitesize Reasoning

BBC Bitesize Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling
BBC Bitesize Reading Maths Problem of the Week

Grammar Quizzes