St George's Chuch of England Primary School

Reception- beech class

Summer Half Term Homework

  • Please complete your homework pack 
  • Read your decodable readers to an adult
  • Practise the everyday words we have revised this term. Can you learn to spell them by the time we come back?
    he she there what who said she
    the for was come some there is
  • Read an online e-book using your sound knowledge.



  • Talk for Writing: Jack and the Beanstalk

Text specific vocabulary: ram shackled, furious, climb, golden, grab, keep, moat, drawbridge, turrets, tower, portcullis, gatehouse, dungeon, knight, lord, lady, king, queen, flag, sword, battle, castle, tower, river, hill, 

Understanding the World: Castles

  • What are the features of a castle?
  • What are the roles of the people who lived in a castle?
  • Which parts of the castle were built to defend it from invasion?

Phonics: Consolidation bridging lessons 

Maths: Number: Estimating, recognising,  counting, ordering, one more, one less and,  finding ways to make 0-20  using a variety of practical materials, bead strings, cubes, fives frames.  Part part whole diagrams

  • Halving and sharing numbers up to 10.
  • Subtraction and addition of numbers 0-20 using a variety of practical materials, bead strings, cubes, fives frames. One more/less of numbers 1-20.

 Shape, Space and Measure: 

  • 3D shapes

  • Using nets to make of triangular prisms, cube, cuboid, sphere

  • Measuring objects using cubes, weighing objects using cubes. Recording the weight and height of objects.

    Pattern:  spotting error in ABB pattern

 Maths Meeting:  Day of the week, weather, date, month, season

  • Subitising 0-5
  • Number bonds to 10
  • Naming oblong, circle, triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, triangular prisms, cube, cuboid, sphere. Magic number using numbers 1-15
  • Ticker ticker telling the time

    RE: What makes a place special?

 P.E: Handling tools effectively – javelin, egg and spoon, bat/raquet/stick and balls

    Fine Motor: building strength, animal positions, hand strength, and              dexterity


 Homework will be handed out on Friday and is to be returned by the following Wednesday. Your child will be given a phonics and maths task to complete. Please ensure when your child is completing their Phonics task they say the sounds as they write the whole word.


Diana Memorial Gardens- 9th July 2024

EYFS Sports Day- 17th July 2024


Your PE day this half term is Tuesday.

Helpful Online Resources

Sounds~Write: A guide for parents of children in Reception

Sounds Write app

Tiny Happy People: develop your child's language skills. Explore simple activities and play ideas.

Busy Things: educational games for kids