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God delights in concealing things; scientists delight in discovering things. (Proverbs 25:2)

As a Christian school, we believe in educating our children to ensure they experience life in all its fullness, as Jesus intended. This includes spiritual, moral, social and cultural development alongside academic rigour. We recognise that children's early experience of science, from exploring materials, investigating sound and understanding the natural world in the early years to investigating theories, testing hypotheses and exploring materials in Year 6, all contribute to a child's sense of self and ability. These experiences of science at primary school can affect later choices for further study.

Our aspirational science curriculum nurtures wisdom, knowledge and skills and aims to equip scientists of the future.

We are scientists. We ask questions about our marvellous universe and seek answers through chemistry, biology and physics.

  • In chemistry, we study liquids, solids and gases that are in everything around us.
  • In biology, we study living things.
  • In physics, we study matter, forces and energy.

Science Curriculum Overview

 Science Curriculum

Science Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement

Intent, Implementation and Impact


Progression in Knowledge

Progression in Skills

British Values

British Values in Science


Scientist of the Month

  Mae Jemison     Mark Richards      

 Home Learning

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