St George's Chuch of England Primary School

Religious Education

It is better to get wisdom than gold. It is better to choose understanding than silver. Proverbs 16:16

KS1: We are theologians.  We learn and ask questions about beliefs, religion and God. We explore the similarities and differences between our own beliefs and those of others.  In our learning, we think about what religion means for different people, we explore what it means to be human and ask questions about the things that don’t make sense.


KS2: We are theologians. We learn and ask questions about religion, beliefs and God. We study theology which is about believing. We are learning where beliefs come from, how they change and how they can differ. We are sociologists. We study sociology which is about living. We explore the diverse way that people practise their beliefs. We study philosophy which is about thinking. We ask questions to find out how and whether things make sense.


As a Christian school, we believe in educating our children to ensure they experience life in all its fullness, as Jesus intended. This includes spiritual, moral, social and cultural development alongside academic rigour. Our aspirational RE curriculum nurtures wisdom, knowledge and skills.

Religious education is beautiful and unique. Children who have religious literacy are able to discuss confidently, ask imaginative questions, share honestly and listen reflectively.  Religious education enables children to develop self-awareness, deep-thinking skills and the ability to wrestle with life’s difficult questions. At St George’s Church of England Primary School, religious education is non-confessional and considered to be an academic subject which reflects our school vision.  This means that religious belief and practice is taught and never forced upon pupils. 




Religious Education Curriculum Overview 2023 - 2024

Knowledge Progression

Skills Progression

British Values in RE



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