St George's Chuch of England Primary School


Geography Curriculum Overview

We are geographers, we are curious about the Earth and the people who live on it. Geography helps us understand how we can, and why we should, look after our world.

We are geographers, we are fascinated by and curious about the Earth’s physical features, such as mountains, deserts, rivers, and oceans. Geography helps us to identify how natural processes have shaped human societies and how humans have, in turn, changed the planet.

St. George's Geography Curriculum

Geography Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement

Teach me wisdom and knowledge because I trust your commands. Psalm 119:66

At St. George’s we want children to engage with Geography. We want them to see its relevance to their lives and to see the Earth as their home. Our children understand the way that Geography helps explain and inspire their curiosity about the earth. We aim to teach then to think geographically and use the language, vocabulary and grammar of geography with confidence. We want them to investigate and explore geography by asking questions and thinking critically about real life issues, drawing on other subjects such as maths, science and literacy.

St. George's Geography Curriculum Statement

British Values in Geography


Home Learning 

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