St George's Chuch of England Primary School


The Lord has given them the skill to do all kinds of work. They are able to cut designs in metal and stone. They can plan and sew designs in the fine linen with the blue, purple and red thread. And they are also able to weave things. Exodus 35:35

We are artists. We are creative. We know that there are rules and techniques in art and we know when and how we can break them! We experiment. We learn from our mistakes. We make courageous choices and we express our imaginations, feelings and understanding through our work.

We are artists


At St George’s, we believe art is an integral part of our pupil’s education which engages and challenges all our pupils and embodies some of the highest forms of human creativity. We know that art can guide our pupils in developing their opinions as well as sense of escapism which provides them the opportunity to view the world through an insightful and artistic lens. We believe that art nurtures children’s curiosity and creativity, develops their capacity for deep-thinking and spirituality and allows them to flourish.

To enhance our pupils’ creativity and truly unlock their potential, we provide opportunities to explore a broad spectrum of art from classical masters to the modern and contemporary, as well as engaging with local artists to act as positive role models who they can aspire to emulate.


Art Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement

Art Overview

British Values in Art


Remember to always supervise your child when they are online. 

If you love art and want to keep developing your skills at home, we recommend these websites: