St George's Chuch of England Primary School


At St. George's we teach a knowledge-rich curriculum. Children are taught knowledge and skills sequentially and continually build on prior learning. 

Core skills for life

We are proud to teach Talk for Writing, Talk for Reading and Sounds-Write as the basis for our whole curriculum. These well-established programmes give children the ability to read, write and spell securely which gives them a crucial skill for life. 

Our Maths No Problem mastery curriculum ensures that all children work to deepen their understanding and build on prior knowledge using concrete, pictorial and abstract materials. 

The Knowledge Curriculum

We work with the Knowledge Schools to teach The Knowledge Curriculum in humanities, art and science.

We use knowledge organisers as the basis for our learning each half term. Children learn this knowledge and use it as the basis for further learning and exploration. We ask the children to be thinkers and questioners and to seek knowledge. From year to year and subject to subject they can make links between their learning. This knowledge-rich curriculum is a springboard for the children to learn more and pursue further knowledge about particular areas that interest them. 


Find out more

For more information on all of the subjects we teach and the programmes we use, follow the pages in this section.